Harvesting Basil // Container Gardening

Here’s an update on my container garden, along with a few gardening tricks that I’ve been trying out!

Harvesting Basil // Container Gardening

I’ve done a little research on how to harvest basil and this is what I’m trying for now// Find spots where a branch grows off in three directions, harvest the middle section. Last year I cut my plants at random and they struggled to grow back. I’m using this method this season, and my plants are still growing full.

{Do you have too many fresh herbs? Find out how to freeze them here.}

Harvesting Basil // Container Gardening

I’ve seen that a lot of people are using recycled coffee grounds in their gardens. Coffee grounds can rejuvenate your plants by fertilizing the soil and helping it to retain more water. Just sprinkle freshly used coffee grounds around your plants, lightly mix it into the top soil if you have trouble with it blowing away. This is best for acidic plants like tomatoes, but I’ve had a good experience with lightly sprinkling coffee grounds around each of my plants this year.

Harvesting Basil // Container Gardening

This year I bought the Topsy Turvy planter for planting tomatoes. I’m pretty happy with my $5 purchase, but my plant just isn’t taking off the way that I thought it would. I know that it’s only June, but this plant has been relatively the same size for the past two [hot, Texas] months. My plant has produced a BUNCH of blooms but this is only my second tomato to appear.

Harvesting Basil // Container Gardening

My purple bell pepper plant is blooming! Waiting to see if it will continue to do well and actually produce peppers.

Have you tried container gardening? Do you have any tips or tricks for growing vegetables or herbs?

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3 thoughts on “Harvesting Basil // Container Gardening

  1. Have always planted tomatoes, bell peppers,rosemary,basil and cilantro in pots on my deck. So far I have had 4 peppers. Do you freeze or dry your herbs. Love your recipes. Connie

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