Flavor Infused Water

I love keeping limes and lemons around to add to my ice water in the summer. Adding a little flavor to your water is a great way to encourage water intake! Here are a few natural ingredient ideas that will flavor your water without adding sugar or artificial sweetener.

Strawberry Basil // I know that basil may sound like a strange thing to add to drinking water, but it really adds a fresh flavor that goes perfectly with strawberries!

Flavor Infused Water

Blueberry Kiwi // Adding frozen blueberries to your water is a great way to keep it cold and refreshing! Kiwi also adds a yummy flavor.

Flavor Infused Water

Cucumber Pineapple // I love adding thin slices of cucumber to my water, it’s just so refreshing! Pineapple adds a sweet, tropical flavor.

Flavor Infused Water

Flavor infused water is a great way to rehydrate while at the pool or post workout. What flavors do you like to add to your water?

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5 thoughts on “Flavor Infused Water

  1. I love flavored water. Since I have so much fresh mint growing, I do thin slices of lime and mint leaves. Really fresh and tasty!

  2. fantastic! I’ve included fruit-infused water in two of my blog posts, but they were in no way as gorgeous as yours. Loving your flavor combinations.

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