Iced Apple Chai Tea Recipe

Iced Apple Chai RecipeFall is here and it’s my favorite! I always get excited when the signs of Autumn arrive, when pumpkin-spice-everything starts to fill the stores and local pumpkin patches begin to open. I even get happy about football season because it means spending time with my husband during Cowboys games and eating cool-weather food, like chili. But taking a step outside quickly reminds us all that, while the Fall feelings have arrived, there really isn’t much Fall weather to speak of when you live here in Texas. And that’s where this Iced Apple Chai comes in… it has all of the seasonal spices that you love in a drink that is cold and refreshing.

I fell in love with this drink when I discovered it at a Starbucks inside of the Target store, where I was working at the time. A little research tells me that this was a promotional drink in January 2009 (how could that have possibly been almost a decade ago?!) and you can still order it by asking for an Iced Apple Chai Tea Infusion (or you can make this easy and cheaper version at home!). Bonus points: this is one of those recipes that’s so simple that you hardly even need a recipe.Iced Apple Chai Recipe

Iced Apple Chai Tea Recipe             12-16 servings

Combine. Chill. Enjoy!

  • If you’re not making this for a large group, just refrigerate juice and chai concentrate in their separate containers. Pour equal parts tea and juice into a glass when you’re ready to serve.
  • Freeze apple juice in an ice cube tray if you’d like to add ice to your drink without watering it down.
  • You can make a hot version of this drink by warming the tea and juice (also try making this with apple cider).

Iced Apple Chai Recipe


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