Aqua & Mint Bottle Brush Trees Tutorial

Aqua & Mint Bottle Brush Trees TutorialI’ve been working on a few tutorials to add to the blog and I’m so excited to share them with you! We’re starting it all off with this bottle brush tree tutorial and it is so easy, guys! In fact, you probably already have everything that you need to turn bring these pretty blue and green hues out of classic bottle brush trees.

Keep reading to find out how to turn these:img_9320Aqua & Mint Bottle Brush Trees Tutorial Into these!!!

A simple bleach bath is all that you need to achieve these amazing colors!fullsizerender-13These ombre trees are my favorite! Try swirling the top or bottom half of a tree in the bleach bath for a bit (before immersing the entire tree) to get this effect!fullsizerender-20fullsizerender-19When looking for bottle brush trees, try the dollhouse miniatures section of your local crafts & hobby store. That’s where I found these little evergreens, they were less expensive than others that I’d seen in the Christmas department, and these were the perfect dark teal color to start out with!

  • green bottle brush trees
  • bleach
  • 2 bowls
  • kitchen tongs
  • paper towels

For the bleach bath, mix 1 part bleach with 2 parts water. I added 1 1/2 cups bleach to 3 cups of water and it was the perfect amount to submerse the trees in the bowl that I was using.

Fill your second bowl with clean water, also lay out several layers of paper towels so that you’ll have a place to lay your trees out to dry.Aqua & Mint Bottle Brush Trees TutorialAqua & Mint Bottle Brush Trees TutorialUsing tongs, add trees to the bleach water (several trees at a time if you’d like) and gently stir them around until they’ve faded to a shade that you like. I found that some trees let go of their color faster than others, just keep a close watch over them! Transfer each tree to your bowl of clean water as soon as you’re happy with its color (don’t worry about pulling them out too soon, trees can be placed back into the bleach bath if you decide that you’d like them to be a lighter shade).

Take each tree out of the clean water and give it a quick rinse to make sure that it’s free of bleach. Place the trees on paper towels to dry.

It’s as simple as that! I was able to finish this little forest of trees in 30 minutes for around $10. Let me know if you create a collection of your own!fullsizerender-45Aqua & Mint Bottle Brush Tutorial

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