Orange Clove Pomanders

Orange Clove Pomanders

I love natural decor for Fall! This year I’m decorating with a collection of pumpkins, natural cotton, and orange clove pomanders. These pomanders are both natural and fragrant, with a spicy citrus scent! I love making them at least once during this time of the year (it’s also a fun project that you can create with kids!).

These pomanders are the perfect decoration for Fall, Thanksgiving, or Christmas! Wrap twine or ribbon around pomanders to make them into hanging holiday ornaments.

Orange Clove Pomanders

Orange Clove Pomanders

  • oranges
  • whole cloves
  • a toothpick

Orange Clove Pomanders

Using a toothpick, make a small hole in the skin of the orange and insert a clove. Continue this process in whatever pattern you like!

Orange Clove Pomanders

Rotate oranges every few days to help them dry evenly, to prolong their life.

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