Natural Cotton Wreath

Natural Cotton Wreath

I have a pretty unique name. It isn’t very common, and the spelling of my name makes it super unique (I know, you’re wondering how this could possibly tie in to this wreath project? but just wait!). Several years ago I connected, via Facebook, with someone else named Shae. The really crazy thing? Our maiden names were exactly the same as well! This obviously doesn’t happen very often. Okay, so, this has never ever happened before. Even better, we have similar characteristics and similar tastes!

Recently Shae and I were talking about Fall decor and our search for natural cotton or “cotton bolls”.  Shae was able to find some fresh from her state of Mississippi and she sent me a box full of it!

I’ve been thinking about a Fall wreath for a long time, I really wanted to create something with a cozy and natural look. What I used: a twig wreath, cotton bolls, hand spun yarn (wrapped around a cardboard letter), hemp twine (for hanging), and I pulled it all together with a hot glue gun.

Yarn Wrapped Letter

Natural Cotton Wreath

Natural cotton has a pretty blossom design at its base, so I chose to glue some of the bolls “upside down” to show off this pretty detail.

Natural Cotton Wreath

I’m so happy with the way it turned out (and so thankful to Shae for sending the beautiful cotton)! More Fall decorating ideas to come!

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7 thoughts on “Natural Cotton Wreath

  1. I love this, Shae! I gilded cotton bolls as boutonnieres in our wedding since Anthony and I met at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park. Maybe I’ll write a post about them! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. OH! I love this! It is truly amazing how we have the same name and so much in common! =) You’re so talented and an inspiration to MANY!

  3. Hi Shae! I am looking for real cotton right now, and I am in Texas. Do you know the best place to find it? I love this wreath!

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