Concrete Candle Holders // Industrial DIY

Concrete Candle Holders // Industrial DIY

I’m pretty excited about sharing this DIY project! We’re really into creating items out of concrete right now (you can find our Industrial Concrete Ball DIY here). Industrial home decor is so popular right now, we’ve seen concrete pieces that we love at places like West Elm and Restoration Hardware.

This DIY is such an inexpensive way to bring those pieces into your home. We had to eat quite a few pringles for this project (no complaining here), I’m quite happy that our project is finally complete. These concrete candle holders are great for decorating your home or outdoor space!

Concrete Candle Holders


  • concrete mix
  • pringles cans
  • votive candle (or similar circular object that is slightly larger than a tealight)
  • plastic wrap
  • large disposable container
  • mixing tool
  • something to funnel the concrete into your mold
  • tealights

Rinse out your pringles cans. You can make these tealight holders as tall or short as you’d like… to make them easier to fill, cut down pringles cans that you plan on using to make short tealight holders.

Concrete Candle Holders // Industrial DIY

In a disposable container, mix up concrete according to directions on package. Funnel concrete into the pringles cans.

Concrete Candle Holders // Industrial DIY

Tap the bottom of cans to help the concrete settle. Wrap a votive candle in plastic wrap, center it in the pringles can, and press into the concrete (you wouldn’t have to use the plastic wrap if you’re going for a less rustic look). Let dry for several hours, then remove just the votive candle.

Concrete Candle Holders // Industrial DIY

Let the concrete dry overnight in the pringles cans. Then tear the cardboard can away from your concrete candle holders. Use water to rinse off any concrete dust.

Concrete Candle Holders // Industrial DIY

I think we’re going to keep these in our living room, though they would also be a perfect centerpiece for our outdoor table. We may need to make a second set!

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18 thoughts on “Concrete Candle Holders // Industrial DIY

    1. There’s a little bit of flying dust when the dry concrete mix is first poured, but the rest of the mess is easy to contain (we usually put down some plastic or cardboard). Little bits of dried concrete are easily swept away, we even re-use our container for mixing concrete, just pop the concrete out of the container after it dries.

  1. Good afternoon, what type of mix did you use? I’ve tried a similar project but the large stones in the mix push out the side or the bottom of the “pillar” how did you get yours so smooth?

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