Clay Typewriter Key Magnets // DIY

DIY Clay Typewriter Magnets

I love the vintage look of these clay typewriter key magnets! They’re perfect for leaving short and sweet messages on a fridge or magnet board. This project caught my eye when I first saw it (somewhere on Pinterest). I bought supplies over a year ago and had plans of making this project right away, but ended up spending my time on wedding planning and projects instead. I just came across these supplies that I had stashed away, I couldn’t wait to create these magnets!


Work the clay with your hands to make it softer. My clay was pretty hard to work with at first (could be because it was over a year old). Once softened, roll the clay out evenly and cut out circles (I used a 5/8 inch round cutter).

DIY Clay Typewriter Magnets

Press stamps into ink pad. Be careful to only coat the top of the letter with ink. Press the letter stamp into the clay circles. Make as many letters as you’d like for word building. Use a fine black sharpie marker to fill in any gaps of ink in the letters, if needed.

DIY Clay Typewriter Magnets

Bake according to instructions on clay package (mine baked for 30 minutes). Letters will be extremely hot when coming out of the oven. You could use tiny round magnets for this project, or cut a magnet sheet down to size. When cool, glue magnets on with super glue. Let dry and then have fun arranging these on your refrigerator. I hope you love this project as much as I do!

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