Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hot Chocolate Spoons are perfect for stirring up a mug of hot chocolate or coffee! Try making them with any variety of chocolate and candy. My favorite is definitely the salted caramel!

Create these spoons for a hot chocolate bar, give them as favors at your next Christmas party, use them as stocking stuffers, or enjoy them yourself! Try serving them with my homemade Malted Hot Chocolate Mix!

Hot Chocolate Spoons

I used these wooden spoons for this DIY, and created these flavor combinations:

Salted Caramel // melted caramel squares topped with coarse sea salt
Dark Chocolate Toffee // melted semi-sweet chocolate chips topped with toffee bits
Peppermint White Chocolate // melted white chocolate chips topped with crushed peppermint

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Begin by melting chocolate or caramels. Melt in microwave-safe bowls, according to package directions (you want the chocolate or caramel to fully re-harden, so don’t add any liquids or oil).

Dip a spoon into the melted chocolate so that the spoon is filled with chocolate. Scrape the bottom of the spoon against the bowl to remove excess chocolate. Sprinkle with topping of choice. Lay flat to dry.

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Once completely dry, wrap the top of each spoon with plastic wrap and secure with twine!

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61 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Spoons

  1. How cute! I recently made some of these to give out as a gift! I wrapped a few up with a mug and some hot chocolate packets :)

  2. These look fantastic! I really like the salted caramel one–I’m always a bit disappointed by the lack of salt when I buy a salted caramel latte and the spoons in your pictures look like they have just the right amount.

    Visiting via #LOBS

    1. Hi Jamie! I’ve often frozen chocolate candies with a good outcome, I imagine that these would freeze well too! They may not look quite as pretty, the appearance of the chocolate may cloud up, but they should taste good!

  3. For the caramel spoons, did you use the soft square caramels or more of a hard candy werther’s type? Thanks!

  4. After they harden, do they have to stay refrigerated? Or are they safe to be at room temp- as far as ‘mess’ is concerned

  5. Do you know how long these last? I would love to make them way in advance for a huge party I’m having if they’ll keep. They look so yummy and pretty!

    1. I am SOOOOO going to make these. Am co-hosting a “Baby it’s Cold Outside” baby shower in a couple weeks. These will be PERFECT for the hot chocolate bar. Thank you!!!

  6. I am sooooo making these. My 18th is coming up and its during winter ! I’m having a nice outdoor party (thank god it doesn’t snow here in our area during winter in Australia) and it will be very pretty at night with the lights, I’m so excited ! Thank you so much for this !! Lots of love, Patricia xx

  7. I love these…. do you have any other good recipes because I need more Christmas gifts ideas for my family!!??

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