Texturing Clay // Wind Chime Project

Texturing Clay // Wind Chime Project

I’ve been wanting to hang wind chimes for a while but we’d been waiting to find a set that had a good sound, nothing that would be too high pitch and annoying for windy Texas days. Drew found some hefty old chimes in my grandma’s storage barn, but they were missing the wind catcher and the bead that hits the chimes. In search of something that would work as a wind catcher, I was digging through my craft supplies stash when I came across my polymer clay. I’ve been wanting to use this method of texturing clay so I decided to see if I could make a wind catcher!

This is a fun technique to use, even if you’re not repairing a wind chime! I plan to use this method to texture future clay projects.

Texturing Clay // Wind Chime Project

I worked the clay with my hands to make it softer. Once softened, I rolled the clay out to about 1/2″. I used a measuring cup to cut out a circle of clay, and then worked the clay to clean up the circle’s edges.

Texturing Clay // Wind Chime Project

I positioned the doily to get the pattern that I wanted, then I pressed the doily into the clay (I used enough pressure to leave a good imprint but lightly enough so that the clay circle didn’t get pressed out of shape). I flipped the clay circle over and gently pressed the doily into that side as well. I used a drinking straw to make a small hole in the clay, then I let the clay bake for an hour.

Texturing Clay // Wind Chime Project

Drew found a drawer knob that he disassembled to use as the bead that sounds the chimes. I used some kitchen twine to tie it all together.

Texturing Clay // Wind Chime Project

I absolutely love the way this project turned out! I can hear the morning breeze catching the wind chimes right now.

Have you ever used polymer clay? What are your favorite clay projects?

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2 thoughts on “Texturing Clay // Wind Chime Project

  1. Lovely idea! I have so much fun making pendants in the same way, but using our rubbing plates. There are so many to choose from and each one turns out wonderfully unique.

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