Sun Jar :: Solar Powered Lamp

During the summer, I like looking for new ideas for our outdoor space and projects that I can do outside! These sun jars are a simple and inexpensive way to create a warm glow at night. Use them for outdoor parties, camping, patios, gardens, or a windowsill. I love the way my sun jars brighten up our balcony at night!

Sun Jars Solar Lamp DIY

What you’ll need:

  • Glass Jar (with translucent lid)
  •  Solar Garden Light
  • Frosted Glass Spray
  • Heavy Duty Glue

Sun Jars Solar Lamp DIY

Start by frosting the inside of your jar. Spray a light coat and let dry (it only takes several minutes). Apply as many coats as you need to get an even, frosted look. Don’t spray the lid! It must be translucent to work.

Disassemble the solar light. The solar light I used (the cheapest one I could find) easily popped apart. The only part you need is the top piece (containing the solar panel and light bulb).

Sun Jars Solar Lamp DIY

Apply glue around the solar panel and attach to jar lid. Let dry.

Sun Jars Solar Lamp DIY

Simply set it in a sunny area during the day and watch it glow at night!

Sun Jars Solar Lamp DIY

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9 thoughts on “Sun Jar :: Solar Powered Lamp

  1. Just discovered your blog. Slow learner when it com’s to computers.I’m going to make some for Sandy for Christmas.

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