Container Gardening

Last year I started my very first herb garden on our balcony. I planted a little late into the year and my seedlings struggled to survive in full afternoon/evening sun. When warmer weather arrived in Texas over a month ago, I was excited to plant as soon as possible. I also decided to go a little further and try vegetable gardening.

Container Gardening

I planted Cilantro and Purple Bell Peppers (Yes, Purple!). I also invested in a Topsy Turvy Planter for tomatoes. While it’s not the cutest thing ever, it seems to be doing the job. Plus, it doesn’t take up any room on our balcony! Several small cold snaps have left some of the tomato plant’s leaves looking a little peaked… but my first tomato is growing and I’m pretty proud of it!

Container Gardening

And that’s my little garden! I look forward to planting a larger garden in the future… but for now, that’s just about as much dirt as anyone would want to drag up three flights of stairs.

Container Gardening

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