Fancy Grilled Cheese // Tomato Mozzarella

I absolutely LOVE fresh mozzarella with tomato and basil. You can find that perfect combination in this fresh version of a classic comfort food! Tomato Mozzarella Grilled Cheese Needed: french bread fresh mozzarella  tomatoes  pesto butter Slice bread, mozzarella, and tomatoes. Spread a thin layer of pesto on bread (you can find my recipe for Basil Pesto here). If you’d rather, you could layer on a few fresh basil leaves instead of pesto. Top with tomato and cheese. Lightly butter the outside of sandwiches. Heat skillet or panini press. Toast sandwich on both sides. Enjoy that goodness! And if you’re looking for … Continue reading Fancy Grilled Cheese // Tomato Mozzarella