Braided Rope Statement Necklace // DIY

Braided Rope Statement Necklace

This statement necklace was inspired by a recent project on one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess! It’s made out of parachute cord which comes in all kinds of good colors, making this an easy way to create a necklace to match any outfit. Parachute cord is also sturdier than other thin strands of rope, great for helping this necklace keep its shape!


Braided Rope Statement Necklace

Separate necklace chain (by opening a chain link) into two equal lengths of chain.

Braided Rope Statement Necklace

Cut parachute cord into 12 strands that are each 10 inches long. Tape the ends of one side down to a table. Divide strands into three sections and start braiding, keeping the strands flat as you braid. Continue until you reach the end of cord strands. Cut two strips of ribbon that are several inches long.

Braided Rope Statement Necklace

Apply a little bit of hot glue to the ribbon and press cord into glue. Place end of necklace chain (make sure it’s not an end that clasps) onto your cord bundle. Add more hot glue on top of that and wrap ribbon around the bundle of cords. Apply more hot glue to secure the edge if your ribbon (don’t worry if it’s a little messy, this will be the back of your necklace). Now un-tape the other end of your braid, make any adjustment necessary to give the braid the curve that you want your necklace to have, then finish the end the same way! Let glue dry before wearing.

Use your new statement piece to dress up any outfit!

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5 thoughts on “Braided Rope Statement Necklace // DIY

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