Hot Apple Cider with Cranberries and Pears

Apple Cider with Cranberries and Pears

Hot apple cider is a new favorite of mine, after being introduced to it at my husband’s family’s holiday celebrations. It’s a fun, festive drink to enjoy on cold evenings!

I really wanted to try something different than the usual citrus infused cider, so I flavored some store-bought apple cider with Bosc pears, fresh cranberries, and a couple of cinnamon sticks. It’s as easy as washing the fruit, placing all ingredients into a pot, and simmering on the stovetop over low heat. Or warm cider in a crockpot. So simple!

Apple Cider with Cranberries and Pears

After posting a photo to Instagram, someone suggested adding tropical fruits like pineapple and coconut to apple cider (which sounds so delicious)! There really there are so many potential flavor combinations.

Comment below to let me know what your favorite holiday drink is!

Apple Cider with Cranberries and Pears

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